Customize Your Hard Hat

The hard hat is one of the most recognized pieces of safety equipment on any work site. Companies often add logos or striping to their workers’ hard hats to proudly demonstrate their commitment to safety and public service. Most hard hat manufacturers will custom decorate a worker’s cap by applying striping or custom logos to the hat. Bullard offers its Logo Shop to companies who want to customize their hard hats with logos and striping.

The Bullard Logo Shop offers companies:

Quality Printing

Customized hard hats present logos in the highest quality. Pad printed logos are permanent and will not peel, crack or fade like a decal or sticker.

Order Size

A 20-piece minimum order is required for custom logo work.


No hidden charges. No set-up charges. No artwork charges.


Offers the fastest delivery in the industry.

Vivid Colors

Advanced pad print technology allows printing of crisp, clear logos in up to six colors and in eight locations.


Factory installable Scotchlite® stripes offer improved visibility and work group differentiation.